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Psychotherapy for tradies – Before becoming a Mental Health Professional, Evan began his working life in a Foundry swinging a sledgehammer to break open and processing metal castings and driving a grinder over those castings. He understands hard work. He spent a period serving in the Army before finding his calling as a Mental Health Nurse Practioner.

As an owner-builder, he worked with and contracted tradies to build two homes. He was always up for a conversation and keen to learn what he could from those around him. His excellent listening skills gave him a better understanding of the psychology of this workforce and the ethics required to become a successful tradie. He learned that the best Tradies have a natural understanding of psychology, but not always the academic language to express it. He was able to identify the theory he had learned at University, to the everyday practice of successful Tradies. Evan can speak both the language of the street and the academy.

One observation he made was that tradies may not have someone to listen to them or take seriously the problems that they can face in life. They could not show a vulnerability to peers, competitors, or clients. He can understand why this is ill-advised at times. Often tradies suffer in silence. Evan offers a confidential service where it is safe to be listened to and discuss the difficulties and pressures of being of the ‘working class’. Evan is open to seeing tradies outside of traditional business hours at times that suit them and their businesses in an environment or a relaxed setting that suits them.

Australian construction workers are 70% more likely to take their own lives than employees in other industries.

Psychotherapy for Tradies


In my work with Tradies with my ‘therapist’ hat on I detected a lot of underlying and unacknowledged suffering.

They had difficulties and anxieties, but the busyness of life in the trades left little opportunity to work on these. They could not leave the job during office hours. People attempted to hide their vulnerability and worries, which was strange because they could see each other struggling.

A number of the people working in the trades told stories of observing friends and colleagues who had struggled with mental health but did not have the skills or language to help or know who or where to send them.

I identify strongly with the concept of the “Aussie Battler” who believes in the concept of a “fair go” and as a Mental Health Professional, this is my group of special interest.  LGBT, Women, Indigenous people, and the economically disadvantaged often are also “Aussie Battlers”.  I am a product of the working class and these people are the people who I gravitate towards socially, whether it is at the pub or on the sporting sidelines.  These are the hard-working people nobly making sacrifices for their families and community.  They are great at their jobs but face struggles in balancing their work-life with aspects of home and family life. 

Epic Psychotherapy is the therapist for tradies, our psychotherapy for tradies service has been designed to reach the Trade industry, we want to assure you that the environment we deliver our mental health services will be set in a setting that works best for you and we are happy to offer a time that suits.

Psychotherapy for Tradies


I have been working with people in the Mental Health Industry for over 25 years. The strongest thing I have learned is that I do not have all the answers. I believe people have these answers within themselves and that my work is to act as a catalyst to release the ‘best choices’. I have become skilled at asking deeper questions to lead people to be able to work and reflect about themselves, what is happening in their lives, and what are the wisest ways to respond. The aim of Epic Psychotherapy is to develop strategies and respond to your world in considered ways using a ‘wise mind’. 

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Psychotherapy for Tradies

I understand you?

Evan began his career working alongside working-class people. He has known working-class people professionally, socially, and through sports and friendships. He has the ‘lived experience’ to understand the struggles of battlers. He knows what it is like when others are looking at you, and you feel clueless yourself.

Living life with success and satisfaction often relies not on brilliant actions and grand gestures, but avoiding ‘errors of judgement’. A lot of the work we will do will be to recognise when the risk of ‘errors of judgement’ are higher and how to manage the moments in your life that avoid doing harm to yourself, your reputation, or your relationships with others. 

We aim to increase your experience of calmness and tranquility of your mental state.  Epic Psychotherapy believes in the power of ‘virtue compounding’ over time and that making better judgements, leads to better actions, increasing our satisfaction with life and our relationships.  We aim to help you live your ideal life, whatever that is for you.


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Epic Psychotherapy is bound to assure and maintain your confidentiality under the codes of APHRA (Australian Practitioner Health Regulation Agency) and PACFA (Psychotherapist and Counsellors Federation of Australia).

The only exception to this is if you or someone else is at imminent risk of harm; or if there is a risk of a child being harmed (I am legally bound as a mandatory reporter regarding child safety). In the first instance, I will explain my concerns to you and why I am thinking you are an imminent risk. I will usually encourage you to seek help if I am unable to support the imminent safety of you or others. I will advise you of who I am contacting and why I believe you are at imminent risk before I do so unless circumstances prevent this.