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Epic Psychotherapy

Epic Psychotherapy will return calls, e-mails, or text messages within 24 hours. If you are in crisis Epic Psychotherapy encourages you to seek help immediately.


Epic Psychotherapy is bound to assure and maintain your confidentiality under the codes of APHRA (Australian Practitioner Health Regulation Agency) and PACFA (Psychotherapist and Counsellors Federation of Australia).

The only exception to this is if you or someone else is at imminent risk of harm; or if there is a risk of a child being harmed (I am legally bound as a mandatory reporter regarding child safety). In the first instance, I will explain my concerns to you and why I am thinking you are an imminent risk. I will usually encourage you to seek help if I am unable to support the imminent safety of you or others. I will advise you of who I am contacting and why I believe you are at imminent risk before I do so unless circumstances prevent this.