Evan is knowledgeable in a broad range of life experiences. Evan is a beneficial mental health practitioner who is known to take a more interactive approach than other therapists. Evan will certainly aid in maintaining an overall sense of wellbeing. 


Christin M.

Evan has provided me with simple, easy to understand advice in dealing with parenting a young adult with BPD.  He has provided me with practical advice, directed me to and provided relevant resources for me to read at my own pace.  His ability to explain to me what was happening in a way I could understand , without blame or bias was much appreciated.

Zoe S


“Evan is an overall great guy and experienced mental health clinician. It has been a pleasure working with him and learning from his experiences. Evan cares for people of all walks of life, carefully considers their backgrounds and readily takes up challenges to better help others. I always appreciate our conversations.”


 Dr Tim L

Evan is practical and down to earth when it comes to issues affecting mental health. The conversations we have had show his ability to listen and provide feedback that is clear and consistently useful. Specifically, he has shared tools to help me challenge my thinking allowing me to be more mindful of how I think.

Dean D


"I love chatting with Evan. He clearly cares deeply about people and their mental well-being. Evan’s capable of discussing an amazingly broad range of life experiences from finances to religion and providing valuable insights into how to navigate these in a way that promotes good mental health."

Chris G

I have known Evan for well in excess of 10 years and have always appreciated the logic he shares.  As a person who works in a high-pressure environment, and deals with numerous physical and mental challenges,  it has been a great advantage to be able to sit with Evan and discuss issues that may be impacting on my life, be it work or personal.

One of what I consider to be Evan’s best assets is that he not only listens, but offers you sound advice as well as strategies to work through situations.  Evan has an ability when he talks to make you feel at ease and I feel assists in being able to get what is troubling you out.  He is not pushy or leading in conversation rather a sound listener.

His years of work within the Mental Health sector has given him numerous strategies and abilities to deal with diverse situations.  This coupled with his constant desire to improve his knowledge through education can only be considered a great asset.

I would not hesitate to recommend Evan to anyone for assistance.

Peter B

Evan helped me gain focus and understanding while at university and then throughout my career as a nurse. Evan listens without prejudice and has amazing amounts of empathy with the challenges faced as a new nurse. Throughout the years Evans guidance and friendship has got me through some dark patches in my life as well as my career. I doubt he even realises how much he has helped me. Thanks Evan. 

Matt W

I have known Evan for the past 17 years through various different channels. He has always been easy to approach and is a genuine caring individual. I have spoken with Evan on many topics including but not limited too, relationships, investment, politics, psychotherapy and of course martial arts. 

If you are searching for a psychotherapist I highly recommend Evan to anyone seeking to improve their lives and general well-being.

Aaron L

I have been fortunate enough to know Evan on a professional and personal level over the past year. His broad knowledge and  “down to earth” manner makes every conversation enjoyable, whilst enhancing my views and direction. I am always looking forward to the next session with Evan. – he’s been a true help.


David N


Mental health and the human experience is a passion for Evan and he is a true professional of his field. Over the years I have known him, he has constantly strove to learn, develop and evolve as a practitioner. He effortlessly communicates years of research and experience in a no-nonsense and humble way. I am so very fortunate to have met Evan

Fred B

I have known Evan for almost a decade, and have found him knowledgeable, a good listener and easy to talk and engage with on a variety of topics. He has a broad knowledge and depth of understanding on a wide range of mental health topics and wellbeing philosophies.


Dion S

Personal Reference

I have known Evan for almost 30 years, we met playing Rugby League in Thames, NZ, as young men who had a passion for the game. Over the years I have known Evan, I have seen him as a person with a caring heart, with an aptitude for listening and understanding.  He is an analytical thinker and open and willing to see other people's points of view, I would consider Evan to be a non-bais and caring person.  I remember his days as a hard-working lad working in the Foundry and then meeting up at the gym to train together. When he told me he was going to go into nursing, I really believed that this was so left-winged to what he had been doing up until that point and was very surprised.  But over 30 years, I can now see it was the best decision he made in his life, it is a special skill that he has dealing with mental health and one career I could never adhere to myself.  I have appreciated his friendship over these 30 years.

Danny Burt